2020 Inner Ear Workshop Postponed

The 2020 Inner Ear Workshop at JAX has been postponed until 2021 due to Covid-19. The new date is October 18-22, 2021. You can check our ear workshop page to get updates on the event as well as a link to the registration site once it is open. See you in 2021!

New Postdoc

We welcome Amandine Jarysta to our lab as a new postdoctoral researcher! She worked on germ cell development for her thesis at Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (CEA) in France, and studied at Paris-Sud Orsay.

New Research Assistant

Matt Day has joined us as our new Research Assistant! He will eventually replace Nick when Nick leaves to pursue his graduate research. Matt is a recent graduate from the University of Maine where he received his Bachelor’s in Biology.

New Postdoc!

Anil Akturk joins our lab as a Postdoctoral Researcher! Anil is fresh out of Cornell University where he completed his PhD with Dr. Yuxin Mao.

Our new paper is out!

News - Paper


The staircase pattern of the hair bundle, with stereocilia of graded heights across rows, is a universal feature of hair cells essential for sensory function. We uncover evidence that suggests this unique architecture could be specified by a protein complex guiding planar polarization of the hair cell before the hair bundle emerges. Article